Monday, August 24, 2015

Neck and Back Cracking Compilation

The cracking sound that you hear when you move your back or neck in a certain way may be an air bubble forming and rapidly collapsing on itself, in itself not a harmful thing. Cracking your neck can provide temporary relief, although it's almost always best to allow a licensed practitioner, such as a chiropractor, to do adjustments. aware that cracking your own neck can have serious unintended consequences Cracking your neck could create a small tear in the lining of the vertebral artery, which eventually could lead to stroke. Understand these risks before you engage in any home remedies.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Learn About Cookies

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What If You Stopped Eating?

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sleep Pressure Points

Sleep Pressure Points

Sleep is one of the most basic and universal activities in which we all engage. Yet, getting to sleep, staying asleep, and waking refreshed can be highly elusive to most of us some of the time, and to many of us all of the time. We spend one-third of our lives under the covers, but sleeping well is one of the most a highly underestimated factors in feeling well and performing at our best. This article explores techniques you can implement tonight, to achieve restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep deprivation can be life threatening to you and those around you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 100,000 car accidents a year -- and 1,500 deaths -- are the direct result of people driving while sleepy. The nuclear reactor explosion at Chernobyl, poisoning thousands of square miles with radioactive particles and causing death and serious medical illnesses, was found to be the result of human error by overworked shift workers who had been on duty for more than 18 hours. The explosion of the space shuttle Challenger has also been suggested to be caused in part by engineers and supervisors who had been awake for 50 hours continuously prior to launch and overlooked warnings about possible mechanical failure. Errors in judgment caused by sleepiness was also cited as a contributing factor in the Exxon Valdez tanker accident.

The quality and quantity of sleep has a direct relation to the quality and quantity of life. Dr. Kripke from University of California has found that most people need at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep in order to perform at their physical and mental best. The same study also found that taking prescription sleeping medication every day increases the risk of death by 25%.

Additionally, a sleep debt can rob us of our quality of life. Over time, insufficient sleep accumulates. Slowly but surely, a sleep debt deteriorates our physical and cognitive acuity slowly until we are overwhelmed by powerful and sudden sleepiness. The nationwide sleep debt, resulting in fatigue, has been reported to cost the American economy about $120 million annually in both health expenditures, lost worker productivity, and property destruction. The personal costs of sleep debt can include: Read More
Sleep - Tips For Getting the Best Rest of Your Life
By []Dr. Ronald M. Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman

Monday, November 03, 2014

Creative Marketing Videos
Viral traffic is regarded as one of the best kinds of free traffic available. The main reason is because viral traffic can bring you a ton of traffic in a short amount of time. The best part, most of this traffic will be free because it is acquired mostly via word-of-mouth from potential clients.

The only downside is that even though viral traffic does bring in targeted traffic, it does at the same time attract a lot of un-targeted traffic as well, which means you should take extra efforts to try and market your products to these un-targeted crowds. Here are some base rules to follow to help your website get some viral traffic.

General rule is to use the right semi-auto viral tools. Over the years, clever marketers have developed countless tools to aid in their efforts to acquire viral traffic. Because of the realization of just how valuable viral traffic is, people become aware of more and more tactics to bring in viral traffic using cleverly designed tools.

To use these tools one must understand your own niche properly and then try their best to use these tools such as YouTube to create a viral video so that the video can spread. If your target niche is those who are in the younger generation, be sure to create your video based on their taste. If the target market is on the elderly, then by all means try to understand them and create videos that they will respond to. One of the best viral tools in your arsenal is your sense of humor and your creativity. Make good use of it and you might just see your videos go viral effortlessly!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Just Know You'll Have to Watch This To The End

Rube Goldberg So we’ve been working on a project for the last while. To me personally, this is a BIG project. Probably the largest thus far of my photography career, and it’s not even a photo-shoot. Along with the usual workload at 2D Photography Inc., we’ve been secretly (somewhat) working on this Rube Goldberg Machine for nearly six months give or take.

Some of you may have guessed what we were up to from Our Website but hopefully it was still a surprise. It’s been a while since the idea came to me in late November, 2010. We started construction on it in January and while there have been a lot of delays, we’ve essentially just worked our butts off to get this thing shot. So without any further adieu.. here it is!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (deep kneading &compression movements)

Based on Ayurveda healing system, practiced in India for centuries, over neck,shoulder, face and scalp areas. 

A very relaxing treatment, improving concentration, alleviates muscle tension and increases mobility in the neck & shoulders.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Noel talks about his upbringing in inner-city Manchester and the night his Mayo-born mother Peggy took Noel and his brothers Liam and Paul and fled their father Tommy.