Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Will Happen To Your Digital Assets After You're Gone?

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Digital Estate Planning: What are Digital Assets?

If you go by the Wikipedia definition of digital assets (which has to be correct, right?) you get a very broad definition of digital assets. Wikipedia’s definition encompasses “any form of content and/or media that have been formatted into a binary source which include the right to use it. A digital file without the right to use it is not an asset. Digital assets are categorised in three major groups which may be defined as textual content, images and multimedia.”

We’ve simplified Wikipedia’s definition for personal digital assets like family photos, Facebook profiles, domain names and other online accounts.  We believe that your personal digital assets consist of any online account that you own or any file that you store on your computer or that you store in the cloud.  If you use our definition as a roadmap while you are filling out your Entrustet account, you’ll be able to easily recognize personal digital assets that you should protect.

Hey all - Ever thought about what would happen to all your digital assets if you were to suddenly die? FREE (for now) web service that apparently enables you to set up your digital assets so that the people you care about can receive those digital assets (domain accounts, affiliate accounts, email accounts, etc) with as little friction as possible, once you die. (Evidently the courts can make things very sticky if you don't have things set up properly)

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