Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010 Movie

Sad Song Eyes ~ Is it me LuckyDogOnline you're looking for?

Keep cats and dogs inside during fireworks displays, and if possible, remain with them.
Leave your creatures at house throughout the celebrations; never take them with you to look at fireworks shows. 

Never depart animals tethered outside – they can hang on their own if they leap more than a fence whilst attempting to run from the noise. Close your windows and curtains. 

Turn around the Television or a radio which is tuned to a classical music station to assist drown out the sound from the fireworks. 

Make sure that your animal companion is micro-chipped and wearing a collar or harness with the updated identification tag – just in situation.

With these ideas in mind there's no reason why individuals and pets cant enjoy bonfire evening with peace of thoughts.

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