Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our World, What, When, Why,

The president of Earth Policy Institute presents his thesis on how best to save mankind. Past stabilizing global warming, he advocates many actions, such as maximizing utilization of the world's land to better feed the globe population, stabilizing the world's population through world-wide entry to family members planning methods and redesigning metropolitan areas. The occasion is in Chicago.

 Lester Brown is the writer of the lately printed guide World on the Edge - How you can Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse.

He thinks the world has to mobilize to embrace sustainability within the same way that the much from the western globe mobilized to battle in Globe War II. With his Washington policy makers' concentrate, he calls it the Pearl Harbour model. Tune in to this podcast is a must

We require to know the accurate costs of performing company inside a fragile globe, he says. This will help to offer a technique for avoiding what he foresees as decline and collapse.

Wind power, small hydro, landfill gas, and concentrated solar power technologies will all fetch a higher price for the electricity they produce, from Eskom, which will run the single buyer office.
This higher tariff allows renewable energy project developers to cover their costs and make a decent return on invest, because renewable energy is more expensive to generate than coal-fired power. The Refit has been outlined, and now the details are being finalised.

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Children need models rather than critics.

-- Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) French Philosopher