Monday, February 15, 2010

Computing You Need Who Why Which? Advice

Social media explained

Twitter, Facebook and more ...

Find out how to take part - and exactly what the point is!

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Using your computer: tips & tricks

Many of us only use a tiny proportion of our PC’s capabilities. Follow our hints and tutorials to make the most of your machine.

  • Advanced email tips
  • Apple iTunes tips and tricks
  • Blog writing tips and blogging advice
  • Build your own typeface
  • Choosing and using mobile broadband
  • Computer accessibility
  • Create a newsletter using PagePlus 9
  • Download and install Firefox add-ons
  • Excel basics
  • Find lost and misplaced files on your PC
  • Get started with Voip
  • Google Desktop Gadgets and Yahoo Widgets
  • How to burn a CD
  • How to change views in Word
  • How to clean your PC
  • How to email photos
  • How to format a Word 2007 document
  • How to print labels
  • How to scan a slide
  • Make your own screensaver
  • Making a Christmas card
  • Manage your Outlook contacts
  • OpenOffice formatting tips
  • Organise your computer workspace
  • Parental control software
  • Photo effects using Gimp
  • Photoshop: changing colours in digital photo
  • Photoshop Elements: turn day into night
  • Recover lost files
  • Resizing images
  • Run Windows on a Mac
  • Spotify: listen to free streamed music online
  • Top 20 Vista tips
  • Top email tips
  • Transferring MP3 files to iPod Contains video
  • Undo tips
  • Video editing software guide Contains video
  • Working with Word templates
Computing - Which? Advice

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