Wednesday, February 10, 2010

List Building with Articles

Anyone can write an article. The trick is to write an article that’s engaging enough to attract attention and get read from top to bottom… all the way down to your byline that links to your site. That’s your goal – and that’s what we’re discussing in this issue in these three steps:

1) SIZZLING titles.

2) SENSATIONAL articles.


Let’s start with your title…

1) SIZZLING Titles

OK, so an article isn’t the same thing as an advertisement. But nonetheless, using the copywriting rules you’ve learned will help you write better articles. In particular, this applies to creating headlines for your articles.

Just like your ad and landing page headlines, your article headlines will benefit from promising a benefit and/or arousing curiosity. Your headlines will also benefit from using trigger words like “how to,” “easy” and “discover.”

Remember this:

People want solutions to their problems.
But they also want these solutions to be quick and easy.

As such, make sure your headline (title) doesn’t make the solution sound like it’s a lot of work.

Example: list building using article writing | Nicheology

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