Saturday, March 06, 2010

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Frame~breaker Test

Please see bottom of this page for current frame breaker test link.

A frame~breaker are web sites that contain specific, and purposeful code, to break the page out from any frame it may be contain within.

Buy Traffic For Your BusinessI am in the online advertising business, both as a Internet marketer, promoting my web pages to the world, and as a program owner, a traffic building resource, selling traffic to anyone promoting anything and everything online. For me, both marketer, and advertising business owner, web page frame~breakers are bad.

As a Internet marketer, I promote many promotional pages, thousands on thousands of daily hits, from hundreds of advertising resources. Most, if not all these advertising resources make use of frames, when showing your site to the world. It is a mix bag, some frames viewable, others not, commonly used for delivery and tracking, it is just part of the advertising business.

I have no problems with my sites being shown in frames. I understand, it has zero affect on my branding or my results. I cannot think of one reason why to add a frame~breaking code to my web pages.

Regardless of my opinion, I understand, some people do not want their web page viewed in any frame, and therefore, a frame~breaking code is what they use, and I respect it.

If you are purchasing traffic from, a perfect mix of traffic from all the current best advertising resources, delivered on an exact daily schedule, we do not allow frame~breakers.

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