Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sleep Well Improve Overall Health

Sleep Education

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  •  We all know that feeling of mental tiredness, grumpiness and irritability that can come after a poor night's sleep. But did you know that not getting enough quality sleep can also affect:
  • your power to concentrate
  • your ability to make decisions
  • your mood
  • your speech
  • your reactions
  • and your attention span.?
Not sleeping and then driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving - studies show that staying awake for seventeen hours or more can have the same affect on your mind as a blood alcohol level of 0.05%; the legal limit for driving. 

The affects on the mind of not sleeping for a long period of time can be so severe that sleep deprivation has often been used as an interrogation method in times of war. 

In most people's everyday life, the effects of lack of sleep on the mind might affect your work performance, your general concentration or your ability to complete tasks. 

It's not just mental ability that can be affected by lack of sleep, your emotional state can be altered too

People who suffer from sleep disorders, such as sleep apnoea (a potentially dangerous condition that stops sufferers breathing for a few seconds at a time during sleep) can suffer from clinical stress as a result.
For most of us though, the mood and concentration problems caused by lack of sleep can be solved by making small changes to our habits and lifestyle and getting more sleep! 

Find out your sleep status with our quick quiz which will reveal what you can do to improve your sleeping habits.

Sleep By Finding Out Your Sleeping Habits

Have a go at our fun sleep quiz to find out what your habits say about your sleep status and what you can do to improve your quality of sleep every night. 

Are you a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced sleeper? Find out how good you are at getting yourself off to sleep and then read tailored sleep suggestions to make your slumbering even more satisfying. Taking Action: Rediscovering our Sleep Wisdom

Sleeping well can improve your concentration, your mood and your overall health.

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